24 Season 7 Starts today!

Jessica and I are very excited to watch “24” Season Seven tonight.

We became big fans of the TV series while we were in college. We would rent an entire season at a time from our school’s video rental place. They let you keep movies over Christmas break. So we could rent whole seasons of 24, Alias, and other shows, and watch all 16 hours of the season over our break.

Whenever we would bring home a season of 24, we would keep saying, “one more episode, then we will go to bed.” This usuall meant that we would stay up half the night watching Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) blow the snot out of terrorists.

I think that 24 is especially entertaining because it really challenges the viewers to think outside the box. Jack is continuously put in impossible situations where he must choose between two or more choices that are shunned by society, discouraged by political powers, or otherwise detrimental to his well-being.

The show’s writers also have no qualms about killing off key characters. This makes it into a suspense filled drama where you never know who might need to be watching their back. In fact, Newsday columnist Raymond J. Keating estimates Jack has directly or indirectly killed 167 people in the first six seasons.

Last season was a little bit duller, with not as much suspense as the previous seasons. Some website are claiming that Jack Bauer was brainwashed this season by the liberal agenda. I guess we will see what happens. I hope they stick with the old character that has made the show so popular.

The show starts tonight (January 11, 2009) at 7pm central time on Fox. They are doing a two hour premier today, followed by a two hour show tomorrow. After that, it will be the traditional one hour episode a week on Mondays at 7pm.

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