A Brief Introduction to Comments in the Blogging Network

Usually, the subject of blogs is avoided on this site.  This is mainly because blogging issues are dealt with by almost every blog site on the internet.  However, I would like to underscore an important part of the blogosphere.


Posting comments on websites is important for two reasons.  It encourages the content developers to meet the demands of the readers, and it creates a kind of social network where both the host blog and your own blog can benefit.

Content developers get the greatest reward from hearing how readers responded to their latest posts. In my case, I get an email every so often, telling what a reader liked or thought was interesting.  This encourages me to keep writing.  Even though email is great, my real desire is for people to post comments.  My website is public so all can see it.  I would love to hear comments on those posts in the public forum as well.

Finally, there is a symbiotic relationship created between a host website, and a comentator’s website when a comment is made.  It is often the best way to exchange links.  It looks less tacky as a comment, and will give people an intro to what type of a blogger you are before even visiting your site (because they can see what comments you left).

A blogger by the name of Lorelle VanFossen recently issued a challenge for blog fans to comment on 10 blogs a week.  Not spam comments, but real comments.   Feel free to visit her site and follow up on the blogger challenge!  You will be a better-more well rounded blogger for it.


Usually, bloggers that spend time commenting on the sites they enjoy, see a great increase in traffic on their own site.  So go ahead, comment away!

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