Abigail has arrived

IMG_9351Well, it’s official. Jessica and I are the very proud new parents of a baby girl!

The baby’s name is Abigail Ellen Pearson. She was born at 2:12 pm on May 6, 2008. Abigail measured at 20.75 inches long and weighed 7 pounds 6.4 ounces.

At first, she was only happy if she was being held. But now that we have acclimated her to the idea of sleeping in the bassinet, she seems much happier.

I noticed that Abigail is able to distinguish voices and sounds. She is even able to see you make faces at her. Yesterday, I copied the sounds she was making when crying, and she stopped and listened. Then she did it again, and I copied. She smiled a big smile for me. I think she thought it was funny. Today, Jessica stuck her tongue out at Abigail, and the baby responded by sticking her tongue back at Jessica!

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