About Me


I am a software developer from the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. I live in Inver Grove Heights, which is on the Southeast side of the metro area.

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When I have a moment, I like to camp, hike, bike, and of course, Program!

I love building new web applications. Usually, I work closely with my brother, Trevor, on new projects. He and I own a software company called Advanced Venture Solutions.



I believe that we must live in peace with our fellow man to the best of our ability. Forced compliance or action by government or by bully is fundamentally wrong and should therefore be used only to repel misuses of force by others.

The only way to fix our political corruption problem in this nation is by shifting the culture to accept liberty for all. Such an idea requires one to relinquish one’s power to force his view on others, even if it is for their own good.