An Extra Helping of Spam Please

Trust in E-services: Technologies, Practices and ChallengesNot like anyone would ever ask for it, but it appears that we are all getting an extra helping of Spam in our inboxes.

According to MSNBC, there are twice as many spam messages being sent today as there were last year at this time.

The article also noted that much of the new spam contains attachments such as pictures. This greatly increases the load on mail servers around the world.

I have noticed that a large amount of spam is getting through to my Gmail and my university email account lately. This even comes after the school spent thousands of dollars on a new Barracuda Networks Spam Firewall.

Blocking Spam is an interesting problem. The way mail servers are setup almost invites people to make spam messages. At the current time, it is very easy for an individual to set up a mail server and begin sending thousands of messages from any address that they want.

The problem is that if we begin to make it more difficult for mail servers to be set up, we eliminate one of the best parts of the internet; the ease of use and openness.

My suggestion (not researched, just an idea) is that we begin to form a “trusted” network of secure mail servers. This should probably be initiated by large companies, research institutions, etc. I would imagine this network to run something like Thawte’s digital certificate trusted network.

It does not mean that traditional email would cease to exist, it only means that a person could elect to be part of an email “fortress” that would not allow or even forward non-trusted sources.

Anyway, it is just an idea that I had. I am really getting tired of 200 to 400 spam messages a day!

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