Stay anonymous through disposable email addresses

While surfing the net, there are a number of times that you don’t want to give out your real email address. For example, you come across a site that says you must enter an email address to view the content of a help article. Why do they need your email address?

Now, there is an easy solution: Disposable email addresses!

Just enter any address at, then go to their site, type in the address, and presto, your mail awaits.

  1. Make it unique: Of course the catch is that none of the email is password protected. So you may want to choose a unique name that someone will not guess. Don’t choose Instead, choose That way,
  2. Don’t use for private information: Someone could view the email besides you, so don’t use it for private information.
  3. Delete the message: It works when camping. Leave the site as you found it! You can delete the messages. So if you really want to hide your trail, just delete it.

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