Big Brother wants you[r guitar]

In a disturbing, but increasing trend, Federal agents raided the manufacturing offices of Gibson Guitars, seized pallets of hardwoods, and gave little explanation. There “investigation” seems to be related to recent laws that ban the import or transport of illegally obtained hardwoods from certain countries.

In the governments new policy of “guilty until proven innocent,” they now seize your property and fine you if you cannot prove the hardwoods came from a legal source.

In part of the article, they say the following:

It’s not enough to know that the body of your old guitar is made of spruce and maple: What’s the bridge made of? If it’s ebony, do you have the paperwork to show when and where that wood was harvested and when and where it was made into a bridge? Is the nut holding the strings at the guitar’s headstock bone, or could it be ivory? “Even if you have no knowledge—despite Herculean efforts to obtain it—that some piece of your guitar, no matter how small, was obtained illegally, you lose your guitar forever,” Prof. Thomas has written. “Oh, and you’ll be fined $250 for that false (or missing) information in your Lacey Act Import Declaration.”

This is not the only area where the Obama run regime has decided to implement its shoot first, ask questions later approach. Gold has been treated in a similar manner as of July 15, 2011. Individuals who unknowingly hire illegals, have been fined and their businesses have been crippled (Thanks Bush ).

What ever happened to “innocent until proven guilty?” And since when are the ordinary law abiding citizens supposed to assume they are dealing with a criminal until they can get documentation to prove otherwise. If the government has a law against something, it is their job to enforce it, not the ordinary citizen’s job.

Making such regulations leads to a breakdown of trust and a breakdown of community in America. The “trust no one but your government” mentality is destroying our great country from the inside.

Lawmakers need to think about the laws they pass and resolve to assume innocence unless proven otherwise. Law abiding citizens should not have to live in fear of their government, all people should be respected and treated as an upstanding member of society unless proven otherwise.

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