Big Changes to Website… and a New Domain

If you are reading this on my blog, you will notice that there is a new domain name in the address bar! I’ll explain how you got here in a second, but first I’ll explain the reason why.

Visit us at

As you may know, Jessica has her own domain name, I have my own domain name, and Abigail has her own domain name. Jessica and I both have blogs that have traditionally focused on very different issues. Mine focused on technology and politics, with some references to family and mountain biking as well. Jessica’s blog focused on Knitting, Cooking, and Family. Then Abigail’s blog was a spattering of posts about her. They were usually crossposted from Jessica’s or my sites.

I wanted to build a more integrated solution where we could have one main domain with subdomains for each blog. Then I don’t have to keep buying new domains for each child that we have. I also wanted to have one cms/platform for all blogs. Finally, I wanted the main site to aggregate all posts from each of the subdomains.

This was to be fulfilled through WordPress 3. The latest version of WordPress merges the features of WordPress MU (the multiuser version that powers and the standard WordPress package.

So I talked it over with Jessica and we bought the domain name ‘’. I would have loved to have, but it seems a small book company took that first :-).

After purchasing the domain, I had to setup the server. I’ll talk about that some more in future posts. But please know that right now, we are redirecting anyone that goes to a post on,, and over to their new blog locations:

One of the best parts is that you can go to and see all our latest blog posts in one central spot.

I’ll post a little more technical details about how I got there in a future posting.

One thought on “Big Changes to Website… and a New Domain

  1. Love the name. Love the header. Love that you can get all three of your stuff in one place or in separate feeds.

    I may be talking to you about doing some integrating for me soon.

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