Busy Week(end)!

Jessica and I closed on our new home this weekend. It was exciting and stressful at the same time.

We moved most of our stuff into the house on Thursday, and were able to finally get rid of our mini storage facility. Not that it was a bad place, just an extra expense that I could do without.

Then on Friday we headed up to Minneota(which just got an amazing new website) to go to Box Elder Bug Days. It is their annual town celebration. I took a short nap this afternoon since all the moving wore me out this weekend.

Besides that, it has been a pretty nice this weekend. I got a lot accomplished. Jessica signed up for our basic cable from Comcast this weekend, and I signed up for the free router/free modem/$19.99 internet today! One thing I have to say about comcast, their national customer service is lousy, but the local Comcast people seemed great. Comcast (national) collected all my information the other day so I could sign up for basic cable, then pulled a bait and switch maneuver and said that the FCC no longer allows them to sell basic cable, so instead I could upgrade to the next package for $20 more dollars a month. After refusing to agree to those terms, the guy told me I could actually call my local Comcast provider and sign up for basic cable. Anyway, just a note that you can still get basic cable, you just have to be persistent.

Later this week I will be unpacking my computer stuff at my new house and setting up all that. It should be fun.

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