Should’t your kids be in school?

My wife gets a question asked of her over and over. It seems harmless sometimes. It is often asked out of innocent ignorance. Shouldn’t your children be in school? You see, my children are homeschooled. They do actually have a schedule, but unlike the rigidness of public school, the time can be adjusted when something Read More…

Cantons as a way to redistribute power

The difference between political parties and cantons is that the purpose of political parties is to get people of a certain ideological stripe elected to office. The purpose of cantons, on the other hand, is to decentralize the power of government. It does this by a contract between the canton and its members. That contract, good for one year, gives the canton the right to take possession of the taxes taken by a particular governing body.

Simplifying Christmas

There are a lot of good parents out there. Most are well meaning when they give their kids a lot of toys for Christmas (or birthdays). But, I think we need to look at the amount of gifts we give our children.

We all want our kids to be happy, but sometimes happiness is not “more.” Sometimes, happiness happens by a trip to the sledding hill, a snow fort, or maybe just a big hug from a parent. Happiness comes from fellowship, not from a pile of toys or other items.

Open curriculum and the local public school

Public schools are beginning to venture into the domain of self-produced digital curriculum. Through the advancement of technology, we are able to mass distribute content without the need for a third party publisher that charges high rates for their work.

I applaud school districts who have pursued this option. They save hundreds of thousands by building a reusable curriculum and rejecting the textbook industry model.

One benefit that has not yet been discussed is that schools could provide these books in the public domain.

Texting while driving should not be illegal

Laws should punish harm done and not the arbitrary method used to commit them. For example, if a person is murdered, the punishment should be the same whether they were shot with a gun or pushed off a cliff. In either case, the person’s life was equally valuable and so should the punishment.

Laws should protect others from force or harm and not focus on “methods.” By doing so, we restore focus on the value of life and liberty and remove focus from methods and tools that could be used for good or for evil.