Computer Mice go Higher Tech

Logitech G5 Laser Gaming Mouse: Battlefield 2142 EditionIn the old days, we did not need mice. We had a black screen with white (or green) text. Those were the golden days. Less desktop clutter from those mice because all we had was the good old keyboard (of course the 14″ monitor’s footprint was humongous!).

Then it started, we began to get other peripheral devices. It all started with that triangle pointer on the old apple computer. Today, we use the mouse every day. Most people would not even know what to do without a mouse.

Believe it not, Windows can be run without a mouse. My boss at the web office likes to show how he can navigate Windows without a mouse. He is pretty good at it. Unfortunately, I am not as fast at navigating Windows without a mouse.

However, I don’t need anything too special. I could use one of those old ball mouses, a trackball, a laser mouse, etc. In fact, I would prefer an optical mouse, but anything would work.

Anyway, all this talk of mice has led to an interesting point. Computer mice are getting far more advanced. Gaming now days requires it.

Mice are now coming with automatic sensitivity settings, incredibly fine tuned accuracy, etc. I saw a mouse at Walmart the other day, it amazed me. There is more technology put into some of the new mice, than some computers 15 years ago.

The mouse I saw was made by logitech. The laser mouse has 1600 dpi resolution. In case that’s lot enough, it has the ability to adjust mouse sensitivity on the fly. Among other things. The mouse I saw is the one in the picture above.
The mouse I saw at walmart, had custom counterweights. These enable you to completely balance the mouse to fit your style. In case you are wondering the mouse is called the “Logitech G5 Laser Gaming Mouse: Battlefield 2142 Edition.” These mice are amazing!

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