Could you stand like Daniel before Darius?

On Wednesday, I read “Daniel and the Roaring Lions” to Abigail. It is a little Arch book of the story usually referred to as “Daniel and the Lion’s Den.”

I had read the book several times to her, with its nice rhymes and all, but she has began to ask questions about why things happen. So I took the opportunity to explain to her more details about the story. My explanation to our three year old went something like this:

Daniel knew that God wanted him to talk to God every day. So Daniel always did just that. One day, some bad people got the king to say that no one could talk to God anymore. If they did, those people would be put in a cage of hungry lions that would try to hurt them.

At this point, she seemed very concerned. I asked her what she would do. Would she still talk to God every day? Or, would she listen to the king and stop talking to God? She thought about it for a long time and eventually said that she did not know what she would do.

I had the opportunity to explain to her that we always need to do what is right. If anyone, even a king, tells you to do something that God would not want you to do, you should not do it.

We then talked about how God protected Daniel because he did what God had told him. But even if God did not protect Daniel, he still would have done the right thing.

She pondered this for a while. I could tell she was deep in thought.

It is tough lesson for a three year old to comprehend, but an important one. I want my daughter to understand throughout her being that God gives you rights as an individual. He also gives you responsibilities.

While we should obey our “kings” whenever possible, they are not the final word on right and wrong. If God has given a right or a duty to a person, no man or government has the right to take it away.  Our founders knew this and chose to acknowledge these rights to be derived from our Creator and not from a state.

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