Data Privacy – Ordering a pizza in 2015 – Parody by ACLU

Recently, I watched a video by the ACLU that I actually thought was interesting. No, that is not a typo, I did write ACLU, as in American Civil Liberties Union. Normally, these guys are anything but friendly to conservative causes, but just this once they got it right.

Their video stresses the need to limit government intervention in private citizen’s lives. Keeping your health care records, store purchases, etc. secret should be within your rights.

Now, I rarely agree with these guys, but they got it right. We can’t just blindly trust that every action that government takes is for our own good. We must realize that sometimes personal aspects of our life are personal for a reason.

Once you give that information to a government bureaucrat, they cannot help but use that information to “help you live a better life.” And their definition of better may not match up with what you had in mind.

So before you let Uncle Sam or Big Brother into the doctor’s exam room with you (through ObamaCare), remember that they will bring their bureaucrat friends with as well. Good luck getting quality care then.

One thought on “Data Privacy – Ordering a pizza in 2015 – Parody by ACLU

  1. I’ve been receiving health care services from a single pay, government run health care system for 23 years. I am a U.S. Marine 100% disabled combat veteran of the Viet Nam War. There is a government bureaucrat in the room every time I go to the hospital. I’ve received excellent care for that 23 years. The VA health care system is probably the most efficient, pro-active system in the country.
    My wife has private insurance. There is still a bureaucrat in the room with her but hers is a for profit insurance company bureaucrat. We had to recently move our son’s dental service to a new dentist even though we really liked the old one. But the old one stopped accepting her insurance.

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