Don’t Mess With Texas, Unless it’s NASA space debris.

International Space Station Golf ChampionshipOne thing I have always liked about Texas is their humorous approach to getting people to obey their laws.

Their “Don’t mess with Texas!” road signs are world famous. If you have ever traveled through the state, you know exactly what I mean. (Other famous signs in Texas include the What-A-Burger signs, and the “Natural Bridge Caverns” advertisments)

Speaking of not making a mess over Texas, NASA has changed their policy on space junk. The Space Administration has become increasingly worried about the large amount of debris in the path of the International Space Station, and has therefore made a change to their garbage disposal policies.

NASA has decided to encourage astronauts to send their garbage back to earth. This makes sense, since it will simply burn up on it’s way down.

We on earth will never get to see what sort of space junk is found near the space station, but there are reports of putty knives, gloves, etc. If that is not strange enough, a Russian Cosmonaut will soon take place in a Golf Ball Company promotion in which he will launch the world’s longest golf shot from outside the space station. The ball will stay in orbit for between 3 days and 3 years.

I have to admit, it is a brilliant marketing plan. They even got me to blog about it!

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