Don’t you hate those UNIX Epoch Errors

Unix life began at 1970

Not that I have ran into this, but I am sure that it is entirely possible. UNIX (and Linux) base all date information on the number of seconds since January 1st, 1970. This is known as the UNIX Epoch.

As a side note, there is a potential serious problem when 2038 hits. At that point, there will be more seconds in the Epoch counter will exceed its 32 bit placeholder. Essentially we will run into similar problems that we faced in Y2K.

3 thoughts on “Don’t you hate those UNIX Epoch Errors

  1. Yay, another thing us programmers will repair in anonymity and not even be noticed for…Then again, perhaps by 2038, 64 bit(+) architecture will be commonplace and it won't even be an issue. By the way, I initially tried to post this comment on your blog, logged into my WordPress account, but it stubbornly refused to go through. I guess I can't be sure if it's your problem or theirs, but just so you know….

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