Dreaming of Glacier National Park

I watched this video a while back and since then, I have been dreaming of going to Glacier to take the Highline Trail…

5 thoughts on “Dreaming of Glacier National Park

  1. Glacier is a gorgeous place to hike and visit. I’ve hiked the half going east from Granite Park Chalet overlooking the Swiftcurrent valley. Unfortunately that day there was heavy smoke from a wild fire so the views weren’t the best. The views from the other 50 miles of trail were simply amazing! Definitely want to go back and hike more.

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    this is her mom’s interpretation: she really wants to go to Glacier National Park with her daddy and see a butterfly, a bear & a deer to dance with (daddy needs to dance with the deer too)

  3. I was reading your post on natural gas versus propane, and noticed your post on Glacier. It’s the best! You’ll definitely have to come back to hike the Highline. Sperry is a good one, too, if you’re feeling up to a more vigorous hike. Have a good winter – hope you make it out again soon.

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