DynDns and no-ip alternative

Ever wanted to access your computer from anywhere? Many years ago I discovered a service called dyndns.org. Later, a friend introduced me to no-ip.org. Eventually, dyndns closed up their free services and while no-ip.org is great, they require you to login and renew it every 30 days just to keep it active.

So, I went looking for a valid alternative.  You see, there are so many services you can run once you have something pointing to your home computer. But this is the first, and most important step.

I eventually found nsupdate.info. It is a free service, no advertising, and pretty low key. You can even import your own domain name if you so choose.

  1. In order to setup your computer, go to nsupdate.info and create an account.
  2. Go to https://nsupdate.info/overview/ and choose to “add a host”. The ‘name’ field on the form will be your subdomain.
  3. After the host is added, click on the host name on the overview page. Then click “Show configuration”.  You will notice a bunch of tabs on the right, near the top. Click on the appropriate one. If you do not know, try installing DDClient. Just search how to install for your platform (Windows users use this link to search). (Ubuntu users just use apt-get).
  4. That is it. Now navigate to example.nsupdate.info and it will now go to your local computer. How about you create your own private dropbox by installing OwnCloud?

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