Election Season is Here

If there was any doubt that election season is here, these doubts are vanishing as quickly as campaign signs and ads are appearing. I have seen number of signs for Pat Mellenthin around my town, and many Marty Seifert signs in Marshall.

Elections seem even closer after talking to one of my good friends, Darin Hansen, about his Republican House Caucus internship. He is helping a MN 30b Republican Candidate for the MN House. The candidate’s name is Bill Kuisle. I think that he has a good chance to win this race. People want a candidate with vision, integrity, and principles. It appears that Bill Kuisle has these qualities.

Elections are always interesting and exciting. It seems that this year there is a tremendous amout of “Election Burnout.” Large amounts of people are just simply tired of voting. I hope that people don’t forget the importance of voting. For those of you that are tired of, or dissatisfied with your party’s candidate, please remember that not voting at all could lead the the opposition getting elected. Do you really think that they will do a better job? Anyway, not to sound all down and everything, just be sure to inform yourself and vote this November (for conservative candidates! 🙂 ).

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