Elections and Life at SMSU

I am very happy that I was able to be elected to Student Association Vice President. I remember coming in as a freshman and feeling that the student association senate was this vast far away entity. I had no idea that I could ever be a part of it.

As I made friends at SMSU, I found that several of them were involved in student government. It started to become more of a real organization. Finally, one election, I realized that there were more seats open on the ballot than people running. Out of a desire to make sure that our school had people representing them that wanted to be there, and desired fairness for the student body, I ran a write-in campaign and won.

I spent one whole semester just trying to figure out how this whole legislative body thing worked. It’s not something you just jump into and understand immediately. But after the initial shock of parlimentary procedure and such, I began to enjoy being a part of this group.

After the first semester, I became chair of the communications committee. It has been a lot of fun. I was very excited to be a part of the communications committee since it is the team responsible for maintaining the website. I even was able to upload a new site, that is much better. It even has a place for a profile of each senator. I hope it makes being on senate a little more enjoyable.

This past election, a few people told me to run for president. I finally decided on running for vice president, because it has more administrative functions than president. I really enjoy participating in the decision making process, and feeling that I had a part in the (hopefully positive) outcome of the work. As vice president, I will be able to help with putting together the committees, setting the agenda, and ensuring that the meetings stay on task.

I am excited to better learn the ins and outs of Robert’s Rules. It is definately a great opportunity to get a lot of practice. I will have the responsibility of chairing every meeting. My hope is that I can use these skills long past Student Government. Perhaps someday I will have a board of my own that I will run the meeting for. That would be exciting.

SMSU has given each of us as much opportunity as we let it. Many of the friends I have made will definately move on to bigger and better things. Andy Fox will probably become the CEO of the next Microsoft or something(before becoming governor of MN), John Gronewald will most likely be a politician that someday has his face on Mt. Rushmore, Chris Ostrowski will definately get the ultimate web based travel agency started, and Dave Krupp will probably hit it even bigger on the stock market.

I am really glad to know so many wonderful people that truly show how great of opportunities we have in America. It is always encouraging to see how people grow and change and acheive their dreams over the years!

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