Enabling Extensions in Firefox 2 Beta

Upgrade to Firefox 1.5!I love firefox. There is no browser on the market that has wider support and better features. However, I am always reluctant to upgrade to the latest beta versions.

Whenever I make the switch, all my extensions quit working for a while, and I am left with a browser that is still ages above Internet Explorer, but yet lacking the conveniences that I usually enjoy.

At my job, we recently upgraded one development computer to Firefox 2 beta. When upgrading, we lost all our web developer extensions that we frequently rely on. After a quick google search, it became apparent that there is a solution. By using the instructions posted on Download Squad, I was able to get all my extensions working again. It simply involves installing the Nightly Tester Tools, then following a quick procedure. It is no more painful than installing an extension (read “extremely easy”).

I realize that beta versions of software are not for everyone, but if you desire to see Firefox 2 in action, don’t fear losing your extensions. Simply follow Download Squad’s easy instructions to fix all your extensions, and you too will enjoy the new improved Firefox.

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