EveryDNS under DDoS Attack: Causes Outage at TerryPearson.com

Mitigation and traceback countermeasures for DoS attacksOn Friday, December 2, this site, along with JessicaDPearson.com and SmsuPolitics.com were all down for a while. These are all hosted on my same server. But the downtime was not caused by problems with my web server. It was caused by problems with the company that hosts my domain name server.

My DNS server is hosted through EveryDNS.net. On Friday a massive Denial Of Service attack was launched against their servers. A sister site of EveryDNS, OpenDNS.com also went down. On their blog, OpenDNS explained the situation and said it was resolving the DoS attack.
They also said that the DoS attack is still happening, but they have found ways to better cope with the situation. Hopefully, the attack subsides and all the websites that rely on their services will continue to function.

I will say that EveryDNS is one of the best sites available to use as a DNS Server. They are free (as in they accept donations) and you can use them as a primary or secondary DNS. Anyway, things are working properly right now, and hopefully they will be able to completely stop those people who perpetrated the attack.

One thought on “EveryDNS under DDoS Attack: Causes Outage at TerryPearson.com

  1. Just to be clear, the OpenDNS DNS services _did NOT_ go down. The OpenDNS website was affected by the DDoS on the EveryDNS service, but never the speedy, reliable recursive DNS provided by OpenDNS. Excuse my insistence on this, but it’s important. Our companies are both run by David Ulevitch, but they are operated separately.

    I’m sorry you, too, were affected by the attack on EveryDNS.

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