Fathers Day 2010

I would like to wish my dad (and every other dad) a happy father’s day.

To be honored with a special day, for something I enjoy being so much, is a special treat. For me, the joy of being Abigail’s dad is worth far more than any single day could define.

Almost everybody has special memories of there dad’s. I would like to share one such memory today.

When I was in elementary school, I could not run fast at all. No matter how hard I tried, I was almost always one of the slowest sprinting boys in gym class.

This was very frustrating for me. I’d always gave it my all, but could not improve my time numbers.

My dad could tell I was very sad about this and he offered to help me practice my running. We went to the sidewalk across the street and ran and ran.

With his technique tips, I greatly improved my times. The next time we sprinted in gym, my scores were on the faster side of average.

So now I know to sprint on my toes! The help my dad gave me not only improved my sprint times, but helped me feel good about myself and helped me to learn that situations that seem hopeless from the start are usually something that can be succeeded at with the right technique and implementation.

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