Financial Analysis of Lawson Software

Today, I finished a report for one of my classes. The assignment was to provide report on a financial topic. I chose to demonstrate how a potential employee might choose to evaluate a possible employer. For my case study, I chose one of my favorite companies, Lawson Software. Below is the report in its entirety.

The Analysis of financial statements is usually thought of as a task done by investors and financial planners. These are not the only entities that should consider a financial analysis of a company. It is important for a potential employee to know the details of the financial status and history of a prospective employer.

This analysis can provide a person with knowledge about the company that they would not receive from an interview or simple review of the company website. With such a tool, one can analyze the company’s goals, their ability to promote employees, and the overall stability of the company’s employment situation. The following is one such analysis using the St. Paul based Lawson Software as an example.


Lawson Software (Nasdaq: LWSN) was founded in 1975 by Richard and Bill Lawson, and colleague John Cerullo, with the mission to “provide the best business applications to customers by taking full advantage of the latest technologies.”

To read the entire paper, click here.

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