Firefox Extension Spotlight: ErrorZilla

The new ErrorZilla Firefox extention takes care of the minor annoyance that you come across when a website goes down.

When you try to visit a page, and it returns an error, the ErrorZilla Extension will give you a much better error page. Since you are probably wondering how you can make a “better” error page, I will explain. When an error is encountered, it allows Firefox to display buttons that give you the option to:

  • Look at the page in Google CacheErrorZilla in Action
  • Reload
  • Use the internet archive’s “Wayback Machine”
  • Ping, Trace, or Whois the site

The tools provided allow you to get to the content several different ways. Yes it is possible to do each of these manually, but this just makes it much simpler.

I first read of this wonderfully useful extension on the Google Operating System Blog. They seem to be supportive of the extension, and my initial experience with ErrorZilla appears to be good as well.

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