Flickr increases upload limits

I was just reading a post on about photo sharing. They had an important announcement to make.

The popular photo sharing site, Flickr, announced that they will be completely removing their upload limit restrictions for pro users. This makes their site far more valuable for people who pay the $24.95 for the pro account. It had previously set the upload limit to 2 gigabytes a month.
Flickr also increased the uploading limits for free users. Now, a free user can upload five times as many photos per month. Their new limit is at 100 megabytes.

As usual, Flickr is promoting their “Give Flickr to a Friend” idea through the use of Flickr gift certificates. So, if you know someone who could really make use of the “Pro” account (possibly a guy named Terry Pearson), be sure to consider buying them a pro membership to Flickr!

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