Florida will Vaporize Landfills to Make Electricity

A county in Florida has an interesting idea to get rid of their trash. They plan on making a very large powerplant that will send an arc across refuse, causing it to be vaporized. The vaporization will release a lot of energy.

There will be two main biproducts to the vaporization; emissions of steam and a solid substance known as slag.

The steam will be sold to a nearby Tropicana Juice Plant to help power their turbines, and the slag will be sold as a substance used in road construction.

The plant will should vaporize 3000 tons of garbage each day. At that rate, it will take them 18 years before the nearby landfill is completely depleated of trash!

If they are successful, this could be a great source of energy for our nation. Our nation sends about 130 million tons of trash to landfills each year, and it would be great if we could turn that into a resource that we could use.

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