Free Java Open Source Software Bug Testing.

Programs inevitably have bugs. No matter how thorough a person is in their coding, there will almost always be some bugs in the code.

Besides running through known possible errors, you can also use software to test your code. A lot of times, the testing software can be expensive. For open source developers, expensive testing software is out of the question.

As announced yesterday, Fortify Software is in the process of opening their Software testing tools to Open Source Developers. They will test the code for free, and give a detailed report on the errors. For non-contributers to a project, they will only see basic information about number or percent of errors.

The tools that will be used include FindBugs and Fortify SCA. These tools are highly acclaimed in software testing.
Some of Fortify’s current customers for professional analysis include Charles Schwab, U.S. Navy, Microsoft, Adobe, CitiGroup, and Digital River.

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