Get Smart DVD Complete Series

Would you believe that the famous TV Series “Get Smart” will be released in entirety on DVD. Unfortunately, Time Life books has decided to wait an entire year until the collection comes out.

Maxwell SmartThe Get Smart Collection will include all of the 138 episodes of this great show. It will also include interview of the cast, bloopers and introductions to every episode by Agent 99.

The catch is that the entire 25 DVD collection will set you back $199.96.

For those of you who have never seen get smart, I am sorry. You missed out on possible one of the greatest, and funniest, shows of the 20th century. Agent 86 was an agent for CONTROL. He worked constantly to ensure that KAOS could never be successful.

Smart always had the latest technologies for his James Bond type job. Here is a short list of some of the great technologies he used:

  • The Cone of Silence
  • Fingernail Phone
  • Shoe Phone
  • Closet of Silence – Used when the cone of silence has been rented out to the CIA
  • Violin Gun
  • Silent Machine Gun


The list goes on and on, has done a great job of compiling a complete listing of gadgets that were used on Get Smart.

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