Getting Your Own Domain Name

This weekend I was able to help set my dad up with his own websites. Rather than build his own server (as I have done), we took the simpler route of paying for hosting.

We found a great deal at, and chose the $3.74 a month plan. It includes Linux hosting, 5 gigabytes of space, two free domain names, and much more. If I ever find the need to host websites somewhere other than my own server, this would definatly be a good company to go through.

The interfaces were easy to use, and it was also very flexible. Just make sure to choose Linux hosting. With Linux hosting, you will be able to use PHP and MySQL. This allows you to capitalize on several open source content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, Xoops, Mambo, etc.

By the way, my dad’s new domains are, and CriticalMove.Info. He has wordpress setup on, and is waiting for some web design software to arrive before designing a site for

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