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Libraries And Google (Internet Reference Services Quarterly)Google is getting thanked by publishers for a “significant” increase in sales since Google began indexing parts of books. This is surprising.

Recently, there has been a lot of fuss about Google violating copyright laws by scanning these books. So, to acomodate the publishers, Google decided to only index the books that publishers willingly submit to Google.
Today, the publishers are thanking Google. But, there is another side to this story. Google is working on another book plan. It plans on indexing all books found in libraries around the world. This will be done in cooperation with libraries that are willing to participate.

Google hopes to be able to direct users to their local library after the users finds the appropriate book on the Google library project.

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  1. The percentage of Google Books which are at least partially unreadable is discouragingly high. Quality control appears to be no sort of concern. Google has, in fact, not archived many of the books it claims to have in its library, or has archived only parts of them, and, for those it has actually fully scanned, the raw text used for “full text” searching is often almost worthless.

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