Google Develops New Search Site

Pro Ajax and the .NET 2.0 Platform (Pro)It appears that Google is experimenting with a new site called Search Mash.

The new search engine portal has a nice interface. The design is very “web 2.0 – ish.” One unique part about it, is that when you click “more results” in just makes your page longer than it was before. It scrolls down with the added results at the bottom of the results page.

Another cool feature of SearchMash is that you can be anywhere on the page and start typing, and your words will be typed in the search box. This is a very creative approach to the search engine page. It makes sense.

Spencer Schaffner said that he likes SearchMash because it combines the image search and the normal search into one.

Abhijit Nadgouda of had a very good article about He did his research and did a very good job describing the different features of the new Web 2.0 search engine interface.

I have not decided whether I like this new interface or not. I have not found a reason to dislike it, except for the fact that it is not as familiar to me as Google. So I guess my current stance on SearchMash is “indifferent.”

You can check it out at

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