Google Helps Programmers Succeed

Head Rush AjaxThe Google team has long been famous for their development skills, innovation, and marketing. Ask any programmer if they would work for Google, you can bet they would say yes.

Well, I can’t guarantee you a job at Google, but I can tell you about some great tools that they are making available to all programmers. Google is now offering Google Code (actually it’s been around for a while, but now with more features).

They offer toolkits for web development, forums for coders to post questions, API’s for developers, and a code hosting service for your open source projects. They have a lot of instructions and tools for creating “mysterious” new AJAX enabled projects. Google is becoming the end-all source for computer information. They possibly could surpass MSDN sometime in the future.
To top it all off, Google is now offering Google Code Search, which gives programmers the ability to use a system that was formerly used internally by Google Programmers (According to Fox News). This system searches several “code bases” for the tools and code examples that programmers can use in their own projects. It also gives users the ability to search by license type.

I love the idea of being able to host code on Google. Every computer science student should look into this. When my group did our Software Engineering Project, we spent a lot of time coordinating our code, and consolidating our revisions. If we had a system like Google now offers, it would have made life much, much simpler.

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