The staff at Google are so smart. Recently, I started using Google’s custom home page. While the typical very simple Google page is great when you need information on the fly, the Google home page is designed for your own personal computer.What is so great about it? Well, my favorite part about it is how it was programmed. I love the application like feel to the home page.The Google personalized page allows you to select content from a wide variety of content providers, such as Forbes,, Slashdot and others. It also gives you the oppertunity to pull other info off the net for easy use, such as local weather and movie times. To top it all off, it provides a spot for your gmail to be displayed.

It does this all in a nice 3 column layout. It keeps you logged in if you so desire, but also stores the information on the server so you can access your Google Personalized home page from any computer.

To use your Google personalized webpage, go to:

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