Heading to the State Fair on Sunday

Minnesota State Fair Gates

This summer has gone by so fast. The biggest sign that summer is almost over is the start of the Minnesota State Fair.

Usually, we don’t make plans to go to the fair very far in advance. This year was no exception. We decided last night that we will be going on Sunday.

Some of my favorite activities at the fair include the Minnesota DNR booth, the Political Booths, seeing KTLK’s setup at the fair, and sometimes attending a morning service at Crossroads Chapel.

I will be sure to check out the MN GOP booth this year, if I can find it. It is never on the State Fair maps. I remember that they always have free water, and a shaded area to sit, so it is usually worth the visit.

I will also be looking forward to the Paddlefish, and other large fish that make up the DNR’s pond in front of their building. If you have a chance, stop by the pond and think about what could be swimming right below you next time you are tubing!

I will hopefully have some great pictures of Jessica, Abigail, my dad, and me at the fair sometime next week!

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