Hydropolis Underwater Hotel Opening 2007


Imagine an aquarium, only in this aquarium, YOU are on the inside and the fish are on the outside!

This is not exactly the end-goal of the Hydropolis Underwater Resort, set to

open in Dubai next year, but it is an interesting side effect. Hydropolis will definately become a major tourist attraction to the area. I am willing to bet that the prices for such an attraction will be rather steep!
The opening day is currently set for sometime in December of 2007. In will rise several stories above the gulf surface, and go down a total of 60 meters to the ocean floor. It should give visitors a unique experience that would be hard to replicate elsewhere.Hydropolis

The actual website for the resort has little information (except for their annual report and a flash video), but a good review of the resort can be found here.


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