I’ll check my “watch” to see if you called

Fossil Bluetooth WatchA new product may soon change the way you and I communicate. Fossil has teamed up with Sony Ericsson to create a bluetooth watch.

You are now wondering “What possible use can a bluetooth watch have?” Thanks for asking, I will tell you.

Bluetooth has become a popular medium for wireless communication between cell phones and headsets.

These headsets have: made driving safer, created a generation who no longer have to burden themselves with picking up their Razr phone, and created a new way for people to pretend they are a cyborg (As far as I know, no “permanently” attached bluetooth headsets exist).

Sony Ericsson and Fossil’s bluetooth watch will display caller id whenever a person calls. It will also vibrate on your wrist when you receive a phone call. For text messages, it will show a “mail” icon whenever a new text message is received. Finally, it will help users keep close to their cell phones by vibrating when users leave the proximity of their cell phone (which is similar to house arrest for mobile phone users).

TechWeb has a list of features and other details in a news story called “Who’s Calling? Just Check Your Watch.”

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