Importance of Normal Backups

The Healthy PC: Preventive Care and Home Remedies for Your ComputerMost people in my generation are fairly intelligent when it comes to computers. They know how to navigate through Windows (or OS X for you mac users), play music , and do their homework on their computers.

What most people don’t know, is how to maintain their computers. Generally Windows will guide you through the process of basic operation, but fails when it comes to maintenance. If it were a car, it would come with a manual that has a maintenance schedule.

With an operating system, maintenance is required as well. An important part of maintenance is backing up your data. If your system ever crashes, it is important to make a quick recovery.

Tips for Backing Up Your Data

  • Organize your files in “My Documents” by subject.
    • Using folders to separate your data during normal use will make you more organized and increase efficiency.
  • Every so often, compress each folder into a zip file using a program like 7-zip. After compressing each folder, burn the zip files to a cd or dvd.
  • Then you can clear out your folders and start fresh.
    • Warning: be sure to make multiple backups of the data if you are saving it to dvd.

Every so often, back up everything on your computer. Get all your software disks organized, and reinstall windows. This will help you get rid of some unneeded programs, as well as give Windows a fresh start.

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  1. For day-to-day backups of my laptop I use an external USB disk and Norton Ghost to save copies of everything on my hard drive. This saved me once from having to reinstall everything when the drive crashed.

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