Inaugural Ball Celebration

Tim and Mary Pawlenty at Inaugural Ball 2007Well, I had a great time tonight at Governor Pawlenty’s Inaugural Ball this evening. It took place at the Hilton in Downtown Minneapolis. Below is my somewhat short summary of the activities.
It began for Jessica and I at about 3:30 pm and went until close to midnight. We had both volunteered to help with the event, and were assigned fun, but cool, jobs.

I helped with a band. Mainly, I had the staff bring them food and reminded them when their gig was going to start.

But Jessica had the cool job. She got to be assistant to Luis Anderson. That’s right, the Comedian from Minnesota. She got to show him where he was supposed to go and talk briefly with him. She also got to spend time with Scott Hanson and his wife. She thought they were very friendly people. Jessica and Terry Pearson next to the Minnesota State Seal at Minnesota Inaugural Ball 2007I met them at the end of the night, and I would whole heartedly agree with her assessment. They were both very nice people and fun to talk with.

Anyway, the ball was a lot of fun. Governor Pawlenty and his wife (Mary) seemed very happy. As always, the Governor of Minnesota did a great job speaking. He is always very sincere, and you can tell he means what he says. I always feel better after hearing him speak.
Mary Pawlenty spoke for a little bit as well. She told of how proud she was of her husband, Tim Pawlenty, and how she thinks he is a wonderful husband and father. He appeared to get a little misty eyed at that point. It is very great to see that even though he is in a very important position, he still has such a great love for his family. I have a lot of respect for our governor for this.

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