Internet Archive and the Way Back Machine

Archiving the Web: A Guide for Information Management ProfessionalsHave you ever wondered what a web site looked like five years ago? Or maybe you want to see the first ebay page ever.

The internet archive can be a valuable research assistant for those looking into the history of the internet. The archive claims to contain 55 Billion pages in their Way Back Machine.

The internet archive has become more than a historical museum of web pages. It now has a vast database of audio, text, software, and even movies. It is their hope that they can preserve all data that is made public on the internet.(or as much as is legally allowed).

There are now tools that can be used for uploading your videos and podcasts to the internet archive. I am not sure if it is required, but at the very least, it is strongly recommended that your content be licensed by the creative commons license when uploading.

According to Rajesh Segu’s Blog, “the Internet Archive Wayback Machine contains almost 2 petabytes of data and is currently growing at a rate of 20 terabytes per month.”

I can’t imaging having one terabyte of storage, much less a petabyte! This is simply an enormous about of data.

I believe you will find the internet archive an invaluable source of information in the form of books, music, history, and everything else that makes up the internet.

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