Internet Movie Database

Have you ever had a discussion with your friends about a movie, and just can’t remember what the movie was about.

Or maybe you are trying to figure out what an actor looks like, or where you saw that actor before.

You could even want a list of all Jackie Chan movies.

Whatever the movie information needs you have, you can find it at the Internet Movie Database.

In the database, you can search titles, names, companies, plots, and even more. They usually give you a profile of the movie with a lot of details about the movie.

You can also integrate the IMDB search into Firefox. Check the Add-Ons pages on Mozilla’s website for more details.

Besides the normal search, there is a special IMDB plugin that is called IMDb Preview. According to the Add Ons Page:

The extension is useful if you too sometimes encounter on IMDb (or other sites), a movie title or an actor that you can’t recognize by name. So instead of going into its details page, you can now just stand on the link, and see the poster right next to your mouse.
The preview works from any site. As long as the link points to a valid IMDb page.

It looks like a very cool plug in!

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