Introducing HD Radio

I recently have been hearing a lot of commercials for “HD radio.”Panasonic CQ-CB8901U High Definition Radio/ MP3/WMA with Motorized Customizable 3D Graphics Display (50W X 4)

HD, or High Definition, radio allows for normal FM radio to transmit a digital signal. The radio can receive special information about a broadcast that can be displayed on the radio’s LCD.

According to JVC’s HD Radio Website, it causes FM radio to sound like a CD, and AM radio to sound like the current sound of FM. It eliminates the pops and crackles that you often hear in analogue radio.

HD also allows for the ability for a station to “multicast.” This can best be explained with an example.

Suppose that a radio station typically plays music except when sports games are going on. The radio station would have the ability to broadcast both the sports game, and the music, at the same time. Then the users could choose, from a menu on the screen, which broadcast they want to listen to.

It appears that there are some great deals and rebates on HD radios as discussed here.

Radio Receivers — A new HD Radio Holiday Rebate Program was announced today that will reduce HD Radio(TM) receiver prices up to $50. The Program applies to 20 HD Radio receivers, from table tops to car connector adapters, and makes many more products available to consumers for under $200. The Rebate begins today, Thursday, October 12, 2006, and runs through January 14, 2007.

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