Jury still out on the Large Hadron Collider

New calculations show that black holes generated by the Large Hadron Collider may not dissipate as quickly as was originally predicted.

Scientists had previously predicted the world’s largest high energy particle accelerator would generate black holes that would disintegrate in a matter of milliseconds. However, new research shows that black holes generated by the Collider could live for longer than a second.

In theory, it is possible that the black holes would pull in particles faster than they disappear. That would be the worst case scenario, turning it into a doomsday device.

According to scientists involved with the project, the doomsday scenario is very highly unlikely. Some even deny that such a scenario could exist.

Either way, we will find out exactly what happens this summer when the Super Collider goes online.

You can find out a little more about the Super Collider Black Holes here.

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