Just finished 24 Season 5

24 MapIf there is one show I absolutely love, it is 24.
I just completed season 5, and it was pretty intense. I was really upset at the ending, as usual, but I think I will get over it.

They definitely keep you in suspense throughout the entire show.

I am trying not to provide too many details about what happened, because I know several people who read this blog that have not made it all the way through season 5 yet.

I will say that I heard Rush Limbaugh say that season 6 is the best season to date (he saw the first 8 episodes early). Also, I heard that the next season will focus on “security vs. civil rights,” and will be the “most uncomfortable season” to date.

It should be interesting to see how Jack Bauer gets out of his current situation. If you get your hands on the season 5 dvd set, you will see an interesting scene that really leaves you with a lot of questions. Hopefully, these can be answered early on in season 6 because they are driving me crazy!

I will definitely be watching and staying up to date on this season, I don’t want to have to wait till the DVD’s come out for day 6!

One thought on “Just finished 24 Season 5

  1. I love 24 too, and season 5 was a great season. If you can’t wait for the latest season to air in the US, the first 4 episodes can be downloaded over torrents. I’ve seen them, and you won’t be disappointed!
    Cheers, Andy C

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