Just in case “They” are watching you.

Tor Network DefinedEver feel like you are being watched? Well now the folks at Hacktivismo have created a web browser that makes your surfing much more anonymous.

Hezron at smartbro.blogspot.com has more details on this great new product. They explain a brief overview of the product that is easy to understand.
It uses the best VPN, an encrypted connection to a proxy server, changes your ip address every few minutes, and never installs onto your computer. It is designed to be used with a usb drive. The entire program runs right from there.

Hacktivismo created the program to help individuals in countries that monitor internet traffic to surf and communicate without being detected by the authorities.

It is strange to think that some things as basic as being able to email your friends about any topic you want is banned in some countries. Could you imagine how strange it would be to not be able to choose your news sources? This is the censorship that Hacktivismo is trying to prevent.

You can Download Torpark Here.

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  1. It is my understanding that Ghost Surf actually does little to prevent someone from tracking your data usage. It makes it harder, but if you were in a country where the government watched your internet usage, ghost surf would not really prevent the government run internet service provider from "watching" your internet traffic. Ghost surf makes it more difficult for outsiders to see that you exist on the internet. It can help prevent people from randomly coming across your computer and doing harm. Programs like Torpark work on two fronts. They try to confuse the tracking systems by changing your identity every few minutes, while making it difficult for outsiders to read the data that you send (through encryption).Sorry if this is so complicated. But in order to be effective, it must be that way.

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