Just let the robot park your car

Robot Kit, Robotic Arm TrainerNew York’s Chinatown has a new concept coming to its parking garages. There are plans for a new system known as a “Robotic Parking Garage.”

The users of such a system do not have to drive around looking for a parking space, instead, the robotic garage does it for them. In fact, all they do is drive into a bay in the entrance and get out of their car.

The car then gets sent down an elevator shaft (an elevator that can move in all directions). Through a complicated coalition of hardware and software, the car is parked in a very tight parking spot.

The system allows for more than twice as many cars to be fit in a parking garage. The system that will be implemented in New York will hold 67 cars in a space that could hold only 24 in a traditional ramp.

This is an amazing feet of engineering. The robotic system often double parks cars, and when needed it will rearrange cars as necessary.

Another bonus feature that the Robotic Parking Lot accomplishes is that it always delivers your car with the front facing forward. No backing onto a busy street!

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