Laser Guided USB Missile Launcher – All out Fun at the Office

USB Missile LauncherI would have to say that if there was any accessory that would make my desk complete, it would be the “Laser Guided USB Missile Launcher.”

I have been eying these fantastic inventions for office warfare for a while now, and I just can’t get over how cool this is.

Just imagine shooting your USB missiles over cube walls, knowing that there may be an imminent return attack by the across-the-cube-wall dwellers.

So, take a break from programming, accounting, actuarial stuff, or whatever it is you do, and participate in some good old fashion office war games with a USB Laser Guided missile launcher.

For those hacker types out there, it gets even better. Now you can find the Striker II API at and really take control of that IOBM (Inter Office Ballistic Missile).

P.S. This would make a great Christmas gift for that husband, son, brother, or blogger in your life 🙂

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