Learning about Applets

Web programming can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. The easiest web publication is a simple text file. You could upload it to the web and it would show up as just text.

From the text file, you could progress to a simple HTML file. This is basically a specially formatted text file.

As complexity increases, so do your options and features. Languages like Coldfusion add another layer to the complexity. But, they open the door to many more uses. PHP would probably come slightly after Coldfusion.

Eventually you come to a category called “Applets.” I am sure you have heard of them, but they can be seen as mysterious in nature. They are Java Programs that are compiled and all, and told to run within the confines of a web browser.

Applets are just past the edge of the “scripting universe.” In a way, they are the bridge between compiled code and scripts. They themselves are compiled, but closely relate to their scripted environment.

Learning how to program applets can be rewarding and can extend the usefulness of your website. My advice is to start by going to WebChalkboard’s lessons on applets. They are concise and to the point and will get you started in no time.

After you go through the initial tutorials on WebChalkboard, go over to Sun’s own applet tutorials. Sun’s tutorials will show you how to use pictures, sounds and more. It will take your applet building to the professional realm.

Once you know the basics, applets can be a fun way to create an interactive and informative website!

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