Learning Python

Beginning Game Development with Python and PygameI am hoping to make my first side-scrolling game sometime this spring. I have been learning Python during the past week specifically for this purpose.

I have learned a lot about the language. It is very easy to use. Currently, I am working on going through a couple online Python tutorials.

I finished my first set of Python tutorials last week, and they were very good, but sometimes a little basic. If you have programmed before, they may be a little easy.

Civilization IVI am now working on a specific python gaming tutorial found at F0o.com. I am loving all I am learning. I have heard from some friends, who do game programming, that
Python is one of the best languages to make games with.

Perhaps the most famous Python based game is Civilization IV. Maybe you have heard of it. If not, go to Amazon right now and buy it. It is probably the most addicting fun game ever created.

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