Lebanon Hills is Amazing

I know I have said this before, but I can’t get enough of Lebanon Hills Mountain Bike course. Today, my dad and brother (Trevor) went on the trail. It was great. This was Trevor’s and my second time on the trail and it took us about one hour and ten minutes. My dad did it a little faster.

The best part was when Trevor ran into a tree. He actually cut his rear break cable and his hand in the process. He also discovered the significance of shifting gears. This was a good thing.

I think we did much better on the technical riding than last time. I went off a medium sized multiple log jump with no problem, and we all did better avoiding the rock gardens along the way. I usually could pass through these without stopping.

One thing is for certain, biking this trail on a regular basis would get you into shape pretty fast! It’s a trail that tests your skills and endurance, but when you are finished, you feel great about it!

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