Less Background Music on MySpace

MySpace Music Marketing: How to Promote & Sell Your Music on the World's Biggest Networking Web SiteToday, MySpace has begun to use a new filter to screen out copyrighted music on the site. They use a software by Gracenote that analyzes the actual music (not the file name, signature, etc) to find music that is copyrighted.

If the music is copyrighted, I would assume it will be deleted. So, my question is: Is MySpace and the music industry being overbearing on consumers and no longer allowing the purchaser of music to use it as they wish?

The short answer to this is “Yes they are.” When you sell a product, you run the risk of people finding other interesting uses for the product. They may find ways to reuse the product, make it last longer, and generally lower your chances of producing a good income for your product.

However, kudos to the consumer who finds ways to do this. If I could, for example, make my shoes last for 10 years, you bet I would try to do that. This would destroy the shoe industry if everyone did this, but then again, it is a risk of going into such a business.

Anyway, the “entertainment” industry believes they are immune to competition, and they believe that they are the ones who should control the consumer.

They think that they have something much more special than prescription drugs, safety equipment, and educational tools. Even though all these items do not have “usage limits,” the entertainment industry believes that they are so very special and important that they should have the right to impose such limitations.

Anyway, back to my point. Starting today, you will have less “background soundtracks” playing when you visit myspace. This is a very good thing. One of the worst things to run into is music that starts blaring through you computer speakers simply because you visit a website.

So, while I disagree with the principles behind the blocking of music on MySpace, I totally support the concept, that general web pages should not make noise! 🙂

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